3d text geometry generator

I am currently evaluating the feasibility of being able to generate 3D geometric text from a text field.

A few people have asked for this need in the forum in the last years:

I also discover that Three.js can do something similar: Procedural 3D text

I’m good with Javascript but have very little to zero experience generating 3d mesh by code. Tessellation and converting fonts to 3D from scratch seems too big a challenge for me.

My fallback solution is to create the text geometry in 3DS Max and imported it into PlayCanvas, but this doesn’t give me all the flexibility I need.

My project is to let the user create their own trophy with 3D text similar to this image:

Do you have any suggestions or possible solutions to meet my needs with Playcanvas?

That’s a hard one, not sure if there exists any other way of doing this apart from implementing a 3D text -> mesh generator in Playcanvas.

You can definitely give it a try, porting the Three.js class to Playcanvas but as you said that isn’t an easy task.

@Mystik definitely add a feature request to the engine repo about it.

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Thank you for your feedback. I’ll post this as a feature request.

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