3d Multiplayer Online (Convert Unity WebGL to PlayCanvas)

I’m still figure out how this engine are works

but currently my projects are doing 3d Multiplayer online
just for 20 player max.

and for specifically it’s using ummorpg as the framework.
the project are ready, working fine on .exe
also the multiplayer feature works fine on .exe

but since I switched to webgl build it just went wrong,
e.g buttons are broken and such.

so I’m about to figure out if it’s possible for me to convert
my project from WebGL Unity build to PlayCanvas build.

this is some single player sample from ummorpg https://ummorpg.net/webglCE/
please tell me when it said Convert Unity WebGL to PlayCanvas.

coz on tutorial are more like making the whole project from scratch.

thank you in advance,
sincerely yours

Hi @bdry and Welcome!

As I understand, you want to convert your MMORPG from Unity to Playcanvas, Unfortunately there is no ‘automatic’ way to do that, you will have to rewrite everything from scratch. @Leonidas made a tutorial to port a simple game from Unity to Playcanvas: Converting a Unity3D project to PlayCanvas - Part 1 | Playing in Canvas.


ok np I understand.

so the very essential question is,
does it possible to make multiplayer client with PlayCanvas ?


Hey @bdry,

Yes, it is definitely possible to build multiplayer projects with PlayCanvas! Check out the guide I wrote on Photon Multiplayer with PlayCanvas here. Since Photon has an official Unity client as well, it’ll be a lot easier for you to pick up too.

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