Zooming in on the Sprite Editor also zooms in on the scene

When using the Sprite Editor, if you zoom in on the texture atlas, the zoom commands also go through into the 3D scene and zoom there too.

Normally after zooming in to do some detailed sprite selection, when returning to the scene, the original view is totally changed.

Is your Editor showing the Camera view selected? If so, try selecting perspective or some other view.

I haven’t done any sprite editing, but I noticed that in Camera view zooming (mouse scroll wheel) would affect the Editor’s setting for the camera position. This can appear similar to the camera zooming.

This occurs when the editor has Perspective selected.

Well, that was my only thought on the issue. Hopefully someone who knows more about sprite editing can jump in.

I’ve reproduced this bug and logged it in our internal bug tracker. I’ll try to ensure this gets fixed next week. Thanks for your patience! :smile:

Here are a couple more!