Zoom/Dolly Camera wicth a (wacom) Tablet


I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if this is not the most appropriate subforum to ask my question.
I’m using a wacom intuos graphic tablet, but when in the playcanvas 3d editor I couldn’t find any way to dolly/zoom the camera. I know that I can zoom using a mouse wheel, but I’d rather use the intuos. I thought that it should be possiblle since most of the 3d modelers I’ve come across use tablets.


I would have thought you be able to remap the keys on the wacom tablet. They have been preset to be something like Ctrl + -/+ rather than a scroll wheel?

Hm… I tried various key combinations, but the only thing that works for zoom/dolly seems to be the mouse wheel. Ctrl + +/- doesn’t zoom for me. Maybe it’s a problem with my computer. Does it work for you? Google doesn’t seem to know any other than the mouse wheel method either.

Just tried this at home with my Wacom MTE 450.

The zoom/dolly at the top zooms in/out in Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit), Mac 10.13 (17A405).

Haven’t changed any setting in the Wacom software.

For some reason the scroll/zoom wheel on my tablet didn’t work in playcanvas, but now after some refreshing in chrome i got it to work. I guess I just have to be more persistent.

Thank you!

Bear in mind that your mouse cursor has to be over the 3D view and not any of the other panels otherwise you will be scrolling in that panel.

Yes, the cursor is always in the 3d editor as I try to dolly, but it works only maybe 30% of the time.The other times I have to refresh the page and then sometime it ''magially" starts working again. At least now I how it should behave if all is normal and will try reinstalling wacom drivers and chrome. I was kinda hiping for a shortcut that lets you dolly by draging the mouse cursor up/down and right/left, the way zoom/dolly works in Maya, but the scroll wheel is still good enough, as long as it works as expected. Anyway thanks for your help!

When you say ‘dolly’, do you mean pan? (hold middle mouse button and drag)

If you do, you can map some keys to WASD and QE which moves the camera forward, back, left, right and up, down.

No, I mean what in the shortcuts is mapped to scrolling the mouse wheel (zoom / dolly) :