Zombie open world MMO game

I would like to work with some people and see if I can bring my idea to life. I feel like it is actually very fresh, even though zombie survival is really outdone. I also have other ideas besides zombies just in case I need to make it more original. Anyone interested in hearing me out message me privately. or I have kik-siamesecult0425. My problem is I don’t have much skill or patience with coding or anything like that, I can use Ableton and make music, I can 3d design at an average level.

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Hi @siamesecult. It is great to be inspired by dream-project, we all were/are. But the reality is usually that you will have to learn how to make at least rough simple prototypes, to express your ideas.

MMO - is hard, very very hard. Is one of the technically hardest genre in gaming industry.
Making even a MMO prototype can prove challenging.

Best way to start learning, is to do it gradually, starting from smaller things, and slowly but steadily progressing through the journey for game development, which is believe me - is hard work, but enjoyable one :slight_smile:

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I totally understand what you are saying, just thought if I had other people working on it with me, or at least possibly showing me the ropes so to speak, I might be able to come up with something very good

Your project is possible at your skill level. I started an MMORPG at no skill, and it’s about to go online. I recommend starting without the “massive” part of MMO. Use this tutorial, https://playcanvas.com/project/433966/overview/photonstarterkit and build from there. I think 20 person multiplayer and some zombies is a good start eh?

Listen M8 i am interested in this MMO your talking about… I have been thinking something familiar but i need a partner and i am willing to help you out as i am experienced and will enjoy helping… If you are still up for the task that is…