Zappar Poor Camera Quality

Hey everyone!

I’m uinsg zappar once again in my projects, but I just noticed that the camera quality is really low…
Is there a way to make render with my device camera? (better quality)

this one is take a screenshot from web, and can see the quality is really low, hard to see the keys

And this one, we can see all the details of the keyboard.

I’m afraid that’s more likely to be on Zappar’s side than us. Have you reached out on their forums about this?

@left (Zappar) Would you be able to help here please?

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Heya! Apologies for the late reply, missed the notification :slight_smile:

@yaustar is correct with their comment - The camera constraints are defined by the @zappar/zappar package. On the web we use a lower camera resolution than in native apps to offer the best balance between performance and quality.

While currently there is curently no way to change the camera resolution, this is something that may change in the future.


Being able to control camera resolution and frame rate would be wonderful. It’d be up to us to determine whether the device could cope, but it’d open the door to create even more spectacular experiences for more capable devices.

I’d love to be able to present stuff at 60fps on newer devices, rather than having to give everyone the “lowest common denominator” experience