Youtube on videotexture in vr

he …

i’ve implemented youtube playback like in the screenshot - won’t find the original project anymore but i have a fork. it has probably been removed due to something being deprecated !?!?

it actually works pretty well on desktop and mobile … but in vr the screen just stay blank. as i understand it the video playback is handled by the browser and running ‘under’ a transparent playcanvas scene that maskes out the playback mesh/material. so my question is:

is that supposed to work in VR at all?

We’ve taken down that YouTube project because there were too many edge case bugs with it. It’s purely a project based example so you can still use it but be warned there are mobile and desktop related issues with it.

That project relies on using HTML elements like iframes to work but that is not supported on VR rendering because it doesn’t render HTML elements, only the WebGL context.

However, this user managed to rendering an HTML element to video and rendered that in WebGL: [SOLVED] Multi-threaded operations in WebXR; Editor vs Published (I think)


i assumed something like this. hence the question. thanks!