YouTube in 3D Scenes sliders/drag events

Hey @yaustar any chance you can have a look at fixing the drag events/sliders in the YouTube in 3D Scenes project?

Awesome project but the sliders kill me :smiley:

What do you mean @LucaHeft?

Sorry if i wasn’t clear.

If i’m scrubbing along the timeline slider it has some wierd side effects for me. Jumps instantly to the start/end. No smooth scrubbing.

Ah yes, you have to be super accurate. You can reduce the pixels per unit to make it bigger:

It’s one of the reasons why I made the external buttons version :slight_smile:

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Oh, actually that could be something to do with the event handling on move :thinking:

yeah thats what i meant, its not like i cant drag it, it just moves wierdly

Actually its just extremely sensitive and does not respond conrrectly to the mouse delta.
If you move your mouse really slow, you can indeed scrub the timeline

Could it be a browser issue? I don’t seem to have any problems with the slider in Firefox.

I see if I can get time to look at it at some point. I also have alignment issues on iOS Safari that I need to look at too.

For the record, it indeed does look like a browser issue.

I just downloaded Firefox, everything works fine here.

Im using Chrome as my default, which doesnt work