YouTube iframe integration problems

Hallo Yaustar,

thanks for the great ‘YouTubed in 3D Scenes’,untill now I’ve opend my YouTube Tutorials in an extra browser tabs. Your design looks so much better :tv:

I’ve tried to implent it in my game: Cinema When I click on the plane the sound starts, but the viedeo didn’t show. I’ve tried different cams and planes, but nothing works. Sorry but I’m not clever enough to understand Your code fully :frowning: .
I’ve tried high and low resolution PixelperUnit, becouse my plane is 15 times larger, my thought to make it 15 times smaller? Is this how it should work? I’m verry grateful for any hind


Several things:

  • The camera clear colour needs to be transparent
  • The canvas needs to be transparent in project settings
  • Remove the camera on the root entity
  • Make sure the plane is facing the correct direction

Fixed version:

Thank You so much :star_struck:

Transparence on camera and turning plane I’ve tried, and the camera on the maybe a left over from testing something, but the trancparence of the camera seams to be the orignial problem and than I’ve managed to make things worse…