Yaustar's Editor Uber Tools - Load GLBs in Editor View

I’ve been playing around with the Editor API and adding some useful features that I tend to need myself.

Docs and scripts: yaustar.github.io/playcanvas-editor-api-tools at master · yaustar/yaustar.github.io · GitHub

Loading GLBs in Editor View so you can at least see it at Editor time



Selecting parent Entities in the viewport


And also thinking about ‘hiding’ Entities from view to unclutter and focus working on a specific set of Entities.


Thanks Yaustar, very useful, not only the tools but the examples. This will break the ice that docs usually can’t.

I noticed the second link is down:

Take care

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Ah thanks! I made a typo in the filename! Fixed

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There’s also a bit more detail on using the Editor API here if it helps: Editor API | Learn PlayCanvas

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Great Tools!!!

I tried it on my project but the glb does not show up after I pressed the button, does this tool support Draco compressed GLB?

That 's a good question. It doesn’t because draco WASM is not loaded in the Editor context :thinking:

Let me think about that

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@dkthegreat This has now been added

Wondering if I can be a bit smarter about this and check if there is a WASM module called Draco in the project :thinking:


Updated the script so it uses the WASM library in the project and loads it automatically if it finds it

Example project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

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