Xiaomi 720 car viewing effect

In China, there is a Xiaomi 72

0 that has a very cool wind resistance and road running effect inside the car. After checking the code, we found that it was made using Three.js. There are also many cases online where experts have simulated it using Three.js. Can PlayCanvas.js be implemented? Can the community provide a demo of this effect for developers to learn from

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Yes, it can be done using Mesh API. Those wind stripes are mesh lines. You can generate and deform the mesh, like it is done here. In the original, it looks like they have constant height, probably manually set by artist and then just wiggle left/right a bit.


You don’t even need to move the mesh from the car’s front to back, just move the texture uv to make it look as if it is moving. Similar to how the ground is “moving” here, although everything actually stays in place:

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Thank you very much for your reply. I am currently unable to reach this level, and I hope the official will release a demo for us to study and research