Write stuff with playC and sing songs!

Cheers dudes && dudettes !

One of my hobbies is black metal. I am the lead singer of Thakandar.

Couple years ago I created a music video with adobe after effects. What do you think? Currently working on a new one and thought to keep the key principals of the last flick; any feedback is warmly appreciated :heart:

Do you play in any bands or have created music videos? Like black metal or not?
Leave some comments! :beers:

What kind of music do you people like?
What music do you listen to while rocking PlayC?

Currently listening to a lot of Celtic punk:

And electro:

And ofc Metal:


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Me and my brother are also pretty big fans of retrowave stuff!

Besides that, we’re pretty big on Purity Ring. All of their music sounds very similar, but we don’t really get tired of it hahaha

If you like that, you’ll basically like all of their stuff.

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The vibe of Purity Ring is absolutely soothing. :heart: :shushing_face:

I am currently grinding projects so it’s time to push forward >>

And after work is done:

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