Would you enable https for playcanv.as and launch site to use deviceorientation?


Would you turn on https for playcanv.as and the site opens when I hit “launch” from the editor?

Today, I tried to use JavaScript deviceorientation feature with PlayCanvas. And the JS console warning message informed me that Gyro feature and other powerful features like device motion/orientation, fullscreen, EME, geolocation and getUserMedia() will be disabled on Google Chrome if the site is not from secure source. (Deprecating Powerful Features on Insecure Origins - The Chromium Projects)

I tried Chrome desktop/mobile and Mozilla mobile. Chrome mobile doesn’t fire the deviceorientation event. Chrome desktop seems to fire the event but my PC doesn’t have gyro. Mozilla mobile fires he event with the gyro value. I will use Mozilla mobile for a while. But enabling https would be great.


Edit: I just realized using devicemotion on Mozilla mobile Android locks up the phone after 10 sec or so.

In our experience Chrome mobile supports the device orientation events just fine. Which device are you testing on?

We’ll be moving playcanv.as over to HTTPS soon (before Chrome disables support :smiley:)

Thank you Dave.

I tried for a while after I posted this. And I found this issue report. https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=534527

It seems the issue only occurs on Android 6.0 + Chrome. (I’m using Nexus 5 with Android 6.0)
I turned on the “experimental web platform features” from chrome://flags as wrote in the thread and that fixed the issue.


Just a quick bump, we now have HTTPS support on playcanv.as so we’re future-proofed against Chrome disabling insecure pages…

We’ll update all links to be HTTPS soon, but for now if you add https to the URL it will work.

Good to know we are using https sites now. Most http sites are disabled at my school, but https still works. Can finally work on stuff with my friends. By the way, I still get emails for every single post on forums.

Interesting I didn’t realise schools blocked http sites.

I changed the default setting for emails. You still have to change your own setting.

Thank you for the update! PlayCanvas is future proof from security perspective now.