Would someone be so kind to help me with Playable Ads?

Hi, I was assigned the task of researching and developing a new 3D playable ad, and after seeing a lot of tools, engines and frameworks I ended up finding PlayCanvas as well. It seems to do exactly what they need, however I’m struggling a bit to do the whole thing.
I’m able to generate one page html file already with a simple cube on it, but it is not passing for example IronSource requirements and I don’t know why.
Would someone be so kind to guide me in a step by step text manner or maybe a very very quick call?

Hi … I take it you found this already?

Hey @mvaligursky thanks for the answer!

Yes I did read everything I found in the official pages, my problem is that I don’t know what to do to be approved here for example:

Keep in mind that my project is completely empty, with just one cube on the scene. Should I add like a script calling something or something like it?
I also tried to export the Cube project example and it also didn’t pass, so maybe the problem is the way I’m generating the one page html?

@yaustar might have an idea here.

Looks like they’ve updated the testing / requirements since the guide was last updated and the template project + docs will need to updated to reflect those new changes

Someone from the PlayCanvas team will need to have look and ensure that the necessary calls to the MRAID framework are called and uses in the playable ad

I would use the test project from the documentation (jumping cubes) to see how far that gets along the validation process first and work from there


@yaustar sorry if I wasn’t very clear but I tested the Jumping Cubes project and the result was the same.
So I guess I need to wait someone from PlayCanvas to take a look? There’s a way to know when it will be addressed?
Thank you all for the answers!

Oh wait, looks like the tool is expecting a playable ad using DAPI which the PlayCanvas tool doesn’t support. The tool only supports using MRAID which I cant find documentation for on ironSource anymore.

So it means PlayCanvas do not support IronSource anymore?

At this point, I can’t find any docs on ironSource where they support creatives uploaded using MRAID anymore :frowning:

It would require someone (the PlayCanvas tool is open source) to add support for DAPI unfortunately.