Work was deleted. How to recover?

Ok, So we are working on a game i go to sleep and someone deleted everyone which was an admin bc owner doesnt work on weekends and deleted all scenes please help because we did so much progress. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


It was @barleystudios (happened when i re added him back) or @behappy new person from yesterday

here is a link to our game :((((((( im not added tho until owner comes but can you do something about it bc we had so much progress, aiming, multiplayer, shooting, alot of guns, a minimap pleaseeeeeee

Does the project have regular checkpoints in version control? If so, was there a recent one that included the work you mentioned above.

Also, this type of chat should be within your team’s private chat (eg Discord) rather than the forums.

we dont have disc, im not allowed but i can see

sadly i think its gone forever because we never did checkpoints and i tried forking the game and doing the checkpoint but its the same spot with no scene

because they deleted all of us

and themselves

Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do but advise on how the team could recover data.

This places the importance on backups for project due to possible (accidental) deletion of data.

Archiving the project ( keeps an offline backup of a project master branch that can be imported as a new project later.

its ok if you cant do anything but this was so close to release date now since someone deleted everything i dont know what to do this is the first time i’ve seen something on playcanvas

can i add you to the game i forked and try that?

the same game

and oofin is our owner.

I’ve had a look at the original project and a checkpoint was made sometime yesterday so there is a reasonable chance to recover the vast majority of the work. You will have to talk to the owner to make that happen and restored the checkpoint.

oh ok

is it possible if you can let me join to the project because i was an admin but my name is thegab (me)

i want to see if i can try

I’m not permitted to change or modify anything without the owner’s explicit permission.

ok, sorry i will wait then.