Why my sphere doesn't look round / smooth?


so I am doing this
It’s just for fun.

If you look there is a sphere and that sphere doesn’t look like a sphere to me. we can see edges …It is not round ?
Why can’t I make a round sphere ? What do I do wrong ?


I think it’s just the prefab sphere that is low poly, if you do a low poly sphere with a 3d program apply a smooth property and import it you can have a better result.

Thank you for your reply Ayrin !
Sure I know I could make a beautiful sphere with blender , cinema4d or whatever but It is just a basic primitive shape. I wonder why is it so hard to get it right directly in Playcanvas ? It should not ! Is there a way to tweak / script it ?

Sorry i can’t be of much help, never needed lot of precision in models since always worked with lowpoly, maybe here you can find something about the material settings that will be of some help https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/keepyup-part-two/