Why is the sound not working

I tried to put sound in my game but it is not working. I am in iOS. I also used a mp3 file.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool and welcome! Are you aware that sound on an iOS device only works after user input?

Then how do I make it automatically do it.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool,

As @Albertos mentioned, iOS devices (and other browsers) require input from the user before starting sound. This can be a click or touch.

Normally, I will have some sort of welcome screen that starts sound after it is dismissed, so that I can control when the sound or video starts.

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Well how do you do sound effects when someone is talking?

What do you mean @Rohitgicool_Cool?

Like how can you have a sound effect when someone is talking.

That’s almost exact the same question, so it doesn’t make it more clear to me. :sweat_smile:

@Rohitgicool_Cool are you perhaps asking how to play sounds ‘simultaneously’ without each SFX interfering with each other’s sound.

e.g. interlapping sounds & sound layers