Why is the PlayCanvas editor so laggy in Edge?

The entire of the PlayCanvas editor is really laggy. I hover over the perspective button, and then 10 seconds later, it shows options. Could this be a problem where I accidently enabled some sort of GPU limiting setting?
I don’t think this is a problem with my running out of Memory, CPU, or GPU. I am only using ~20% of CPU and ~50% of GPU, and ~70% of RAM
I am running on windows 11, and on MS edge. The same project isn’t laggy on other peoples devices, suggesting it is something special with mine.

here is the link to my project
Physics lab | Editor (playcanvas.com)

Works without any lag for me.
Maybe try and make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
Maybe even try different browsers. And try to disable your browser extensions - maybe some of them are causing it.

Thanks. Tried firefox and its works fine. Not sure what is wrong with edge