Why is my car walking on a ramp and not getting on the collider is also a ramp

It’s like crawling and then it’s like something hits you in front of it

It’s a slope

At this point, it’s been hit and the car is deflected and the back two tires are up

Hi @dsl188199,

Can you share some info on how you have your scene setup? What kind and type of rigid bodies etc.

Also if you can share a project url it will help a lot to troubleshoot this. Physics can be hard to get right initially.

I’m sorry I made a mistake, and there’s a collider in the scene that’s right there and I looked at it and it turned out to be the other collider. I forgot

So I made a mistake saying

Thank you very much for answering me

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Will has been working on a physics vehicle demo that still needs a little tweaking but looks pretty good already. Might be useful to you?



Hi, I looked at the demo you gave me and I analyzed the code, but Now I have a problem. That means the car tire on the demo you gave me was from where you got it, was it a node embedded in your model or