☑ Why is game performance getting worse over time?

HI, this is our game:


But it have a problem that performance getting worse with more and more playing time.no matter how i play in chrome or iphone.

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Nice game! :smiley:

Have you profiled the game to see where time is being spent as it gets slower. You should familiarize yourself with the Profile and Timeline views in Chrome Dev Tools.

Also, you can try running your game with the profiler.

I can see that the total draw call count seems to go up by 4 or 5 every time I move to the next stage. My guess is that you are not successfully disabling/hiding/destroying graphical entities as you progress.

If I was writing this game, I would probably create a pool of objects with which I construct the level and I would reuse them. This avoids dynamic allocation and destruction of entities at runtime which can be expensive and trigger garbage collection stalls.

Thank you very much for your praise,will. We are trying to solve this problem according to your ways. If we have any problem again,i will post it up forum and hope get your help.

thank you for your time.

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