Why I can't add a glb animation to the animation component?

Why I can’t add a glb animation to the animation component?
I did the samething a month ago, and it works. But now I remove the same assets from the animation list and reselect it, it doesn’t work.


Hi @goinix_project and welcome! I think you mean that you can’t multi select assets in the asset panel. I can confirm the behaviour is different at the moment, but I’m not sure why. Probably @yaustar knows more.

You can still hold down the CTRL key and select multiple assets.

Thanks Albertos, I don’t mean multi select assets, I mean just a new operation. I event can’t do the frist step select the first asset into the animation. But I had done it successful month before.

Can you please check if your title and first post is correct, because you said you can.

For me it’s also not clear what you mean with this, maybe a screenshot will help.

Do you mean selecting like the image below?


In this picture, I did it month ago.(Successful selected the glb asset into the animation list)

But now, I can’t do it again. Both in a new animation, or remove the above asset from the animation list and select it again. The mouse click on the glb asset, like click nothing.

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And sorry, I just found the title was wrong. Just corrected it.
Why can’t I select the animation assets from the uploaded animaion glb file? :joy:

Not only the title, also in your first post you write can instead of can’t. I have changed the title and first post for you to make the issue more clear.

I don’t know if your issue is a bug or if the old animation component is no longer supported.

Maybe you can check if you can work with the new anim component.


You can still drag and drop your animation in to the animation component.

A bug report has been created for your issue.

Thank you every much Albertos! :blush:

I just tried the drag & drop the animaion asset in to the animation component, it works.
Maybe is has a bug in the mouse pick operation.