Why does this "line" appear in horizon?

Why does this weird “line” appear in horizon? Only visible when the camera is “down”

Scale 1000x1x1000

Near clip - 0.1
Far clip - 1000

I tried changing the near and far clip, reducing/enlarging the entity scale, the same problem remains
Could it be due to skybox? Pictures are not a power of two

Hard to tell without context of the project.

Can you reproduce in a new small project that you can share?

Sure PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Another camera, same problem

I’m not entirely sure. It’s related to the water mesh as you disable that, the line disappears. Wonder it is an aliasing issue?

@Leonidas any ideas on this one?

Right, I think I’ve seen that before happening. Most likely a precision issue in a shader rendering?

But I’m not sure how to solve this. @mvaligursky ?

Using more/smaller planes to achieve the same look haven’t helped either, skybox textures also has no effect (example project uses quite heavy sized)