Why does the FBX file import to PlayCanvas and display incorrect shaders

Correct display:
playcanvas display:

Who can help me answer the question,thanks

Shaders and material properties aren’t part of the FBX. When you import the FBX into PlayCanvas, you will get the geometry, materials and any embedded textures.

I would check the FBX with FBX Review | Cross-platform 3D model viewer | Autodesk first and see how that compares to what you see in PlayCanvas.

If there are still issues please share a project or the FBX

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Thank you. I’ll check the FBX file first。

The FBX file is the 2013 version exported from C4d. The viewing results of playcanvs and Autodesk FBX converter are inconsistent. I hope you can help me find out why,thanks.
My project:

I’m comparing the exported FBX to what is shown in PlayCanvas and I can’t see any major issues here?

Oh wait, there seems to be some geometry missing :thinking:

Not sure what could be causing that, maybe it’s related to to use of chinese for the node names? Or that some nodes have the same name on C4D?

I’ll try to remove the Chinese, modify the node name with the same name, and try again. Thank you.
Another question,
I want to move and rotate the RigidBody, can’t applyForce and applyImpulse of RigidBody work together?

Please use separate thread as it’s different problem to the FBX import