Why are 4 files generated when importing my fbx?

When I import my fbx, it generates some files. I would like to know which ones I can eliminate or how they work

Thank you


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Hi @RafaelLopera,

That happens because by default when importing a model its hierarchy is being imported too. This is setting in question, Import Hierarchy:

You can disable it to get a model asset generated instead, which will be a single file that can be used with the legacy model component.

Though that isn’t advised for you new project, so better stick to the render asset and component. From the files that are generated you can delete the template asset if you don’t need it (it contains the internal hierarchy of the model that you can drag and drop in the hierarchy).

The other files are a container asset and for each mesh instance included in your model a separate render asset. That render asset you can manually reference in a render component.

Hope that helps clarify your question.