Why am I unable to add a new state in anim state graph?

I am unable to add animation state for my player in the game.

Hi @yash_mehrotra! Little bit hard to say without any information. Can you tell or show exactly what and how you try to do it? A editor link of your project can be helpful too.

Generally we could just right click and add a new state in anim graph. But I could not do it here on my macbook for some reason. Please try it out and verify the same on your end once.

Is this what you mean?


I was be able to create a new state with the right mouse button.

Strange that the name of this state is ‘New state 4’, while it’s the first one I created.

Yeah, but in my case I am not even able to create a state.

Can you check if there are errors on the console of your browser please?

Thanks, I don’t think these warnings are related.

Any red text visible on the bottom left of the screen?


I assume you don’t see this button?


Yes this button is not appearing for me.

Can you please take a look at this @Elliott?

Sure I can look into this, though I can’t reproduce it in any of my projects. @yash_mehrotra would you be able to share the project with the issue? My PlayCanvas username is ellthompson

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