Who on earth is 'null'?

Every now and then, the user ‘null’ can be found in our project:


I thought it might be a default value for a concurrently active user that doesn’t load properly or something, but it appears to be a real account from 2014 with a project.

Any idea whats going on?

That’s super interesting, I’ve never encountered Mr. Null.

@yaustar any idea?

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Pinging @vaios but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about


He isn’t very talkative and doesn’t seem to have a name text element if you mouse over the icon. (pictured above). He comes in and out every now and then, which is pretty confusing.

They are a genuine user so they may be browsing public projects?

I can’t remember if non-team users can see the chat?

I can confirm only team members of the project can view the chat window, it’s not visible for those simply browsing public projects.