Who missed me!?

I am back and im just as good.
i was @Thebosser24

Hi @The_real_bosser24! Why were you gone and why do you have a new account?

i switched schools, i dont have a home computer

i was able to log in to my editor account
not my forum account

I would like to ask you to try to use your old account again. Your username is thebosser24.

i have tried, i forgot password
i think

Alright, and you don’t have access to your (school) email anymore?

i dont think so

On my phone it is my old account

Probably because you were never logged out on your phone.

So is that good that I’m on 2 accounts?

No, that’s not helpful. But as long as you are logged into your old account you can try to access it again. You can check which email address you are using in the account settings and try to access this email address.