Who has the silky smooth english accent?

I was wondering which one of you does the youtube tutorials and was wondering If I could get you for some voice acting!?!?!

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Depends on which videos you mean. I’ve done most of the tutorial ones. Happy to record some audio for you when I get back to the UK. :smile:

yes sir an english flight commander will be sick!

It will be simple stuff, ill write up a list of phrases and then your voice will be featured during the flight tutorial.

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Not sure if it’s special, but you probably have a Californian accent. :wink:

Im in Humboldt what part of Cali do you hail?

If you have a studio and can manage it no it would not need to be in person. Yes I do have a studio if we need it though.

Chico is kinda far away o_O.

Hmmm, didn’t see this topic before. :slight_smile: As Dave says, Pryme8, it could either be me or him in the tutorials. I do the Pong tutorial and Dave does the Lander one. I think Dave sounds a bit more macho and battle-hardened than me, but I’ll let you make your own mind up on that.

Yea Its Dave I was thinking of, would make a really good “Commanders” Voice

Saying things Like “All right cadet lets get this pile of bolts moving”

and a list of other phrases, for the tutorial level.

Give me a list of stuff and I’ll see if I can record it this weekend. (Depending on how Ludum Dare goes)

let me get things wrapped up a little more on my end, and then well talk! Thank you!