☑ White background while using skybox lighting


I’m using a skybox cubemap for image base lighting and physical materials. However, I would prefer a white solid background color in my scene. Can I combine an skybox for lighting and reflections while picking another background color shown in the viewport?


  • Björn

Hi. Yes you can set cubemap on environment slot on a materials you want this to be applied, and remove skybox from scene settings.


Thanks but would that really act as an Image based lighting? wouldn’t that just reflect in those specific materials I’d add it to?


  • Björn

If you are using Physical materials, then yes - Prefiltered Cubemap will be used for IBL when applied to Environment > CubeMap slot of a material.

Ok great news, I’ll try that then!

To avoid having to place a cubemap on all my materials, as a feature request, it would help to have scenewide separate slotd for IBL cubemap and an optional “background” slot aswell. Perhaps another cubemap or a solid color.


  • Björn

We’ve noticed once users need separate control, it usually leads to different cubemaps on different materials.
But you right: in some cases it would be easier.

Btw, you can multiselect all materials, and set cubemap in one drag.
You can filter search assets using regexp, simply type: *. in assets search field, and select Material as filter asset, you will see all materials in a project. You can then multi-select by selecting first and shift + select last.

Brilliant, thanks for those tips!

Btw, can I change the intensity of the lighting when applying it as the environment cubemap for every material?

When cubemap applied separately, unfortunately there is no exposure slider for individual material.
Perhaps that could be added.

I see. Yes the implementation right now gives no clue about it actually lighting the scene. All properties are about reflection and such.

Added feature request: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/771

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