Which server instance for my games?

Having introduced myself not more than 16 mins ago, I feel it is time for my obligatory “n00b question”. A poll would have been nice but here goes.

The buildup—> I will be running several html5 and other .js games on a server and wanted to ask.
The question—> Which server instance would fit best. I will have a little php involved, and had intended to run an instance of Mysql for logins and such.

LAMP stack?

LEMP stack?

MEAN stack?

Tomcat/Ngnx reverse proxy with PHPMyadmin and MySql

Node/Express MySQL PHPMyadmin NEMP stack? :slight_smile:

This is a rare chance for me to ask some old pros rather than trial and error… I also will likely be using CDN. Thanks, I will also post up some projects in the near future.

At PlayCanvas, we normally use the following when making games:

  • AWS (or sometimes Azure) for server instances.
  • NodeJS for backend coding.
  • MongoDB for database.

AWS has CloudFront on offer for CDN. AWS may not be the cheapest option though, if that’s an issue for you. Best to shop around. :slight_smile:

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Hello will,
Im afraid I didn’t do a great job phrasing my question! I am working on a larger project and want to include some games, also would like to run an instance of Playcanvas on the server in hopes of luring some of our community members to learn and maybe build some of they’re own creations.

I have a host already setup with ngnx/apache2 (reverse proxy). So if I added node/express maybe that would run the games and provide a suitable development environment, or am I still missing something?

I will have to try the other methods you listed sometime, I am trying to learn front to back, so it is more than just a job it is actually fun! Thank you! :slight_smile:

How do you mean ‘would like to run an instance of Playcanvas on the server’? Do you mean the Editor? PlayCanvas can only be run from playcanvas.com

Games generated by the PlayCanvas platform can run on any server - they’re just static web content.

Im sorry I meant to type “myCanvas” (havent had much time for sleep lately) I learned with 2D myself, if someone would have showed me Autodesk Maya I would have quit on the spot!

Then after a few 2D games I think playcanvas would be a great second step for new programmers.
Playcanvas has a nice uncluttered interface!
I have the “mycanvas” up, the two games of mine seem to be working too. We have a little over 350 people in our community, and if I am successful you will be seeing quite a few of them soon. Thanks, I appreciate your help!
I plan to hang around and play with the tools here! :wink: Happy Holidays!

ETA: As you mentioned, Node is good for hosting static files, The concern about properly hosting the games is more because PHP and other dynamic files also have to run in this application.and I need to be running as light as possible.

Hi Will

I have seen you in here several times (and presume you are one of the employees at PlayCanvas, or likewise (?)).
I do have a lot of MySQL/PHP experience, which doesn’t seem the way to go with DB-conn to PC. I am trying to do this in the way of:

  • NodeJS for backend coding.
  • MongoDB for database.

… and have already started up a MongoDB Stitch account. It seems quite accessible but could you please make a DB-conn tutorial with ‘the basics’ anyway {I don’t want to waste hours in wrong directions, if you already have a useful connection-structure}.

Well, to be honest, @Thomas_Due_Nielsen, Node/Mongo isn’t my forte. I’m really a 3D graphics guy. :slight_smile: There is really no dependency of Node/Mongo on PlayCanvas. Which means literally any tutorial out there on the big, wide web should be fine for your purposes.