Which One Do You Prefer: PlayCanvas VS Unity VS Godot

  • PlayCanvas
  • Unity
  • Godot

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Got a bit bored so I wanted to make a poll to see which engine do most people prefer. After selecting one, comment back saying why you chose that specific engine and why you didn’t choose the other options.

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I chose Unity because it has more features which are really helpful. I’d choose PlayCanvas next, then Godot (since I never used it).


I’d go for PC over Unity. We started developing games in Unity, but since we develop games for the web, PC loading times suited us much better here. Our team loves the way you can rapidly prototype something in PlayCanvas as compared to Unity. The collaboration features really seal the deal for us.

However, I would choose Unity over Godot. We had tried Godot for a few days, and the workflow was not as smooth or the UI as easy to use as either of the other engines.

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I’d choose Playcanvas as second. For web development, it is the best imo.