Which is better to use UI Image Texture or UI Image Sprite?


I have question related to UI image element. I mean it offer us Texture, Sprite and Material Slot.

I am creating cross platform 2d game which will work on mobile and desktop, so assets should be well optimised as well. Apart from this, in my project i am using lots of static png files where i can use UI Image texture or UI Image Sprite as well which is upto me.

But my main question is UI Image texture is better or UI Image Sprite is better? I mean is there any difference in performance or is there any standard way to use Sprites only for UI?

Hi @Ketan_ATA,

If you are using a single graphic then it won’t make a difference. Sprites are mostly meant to be generated from texture atlases, which allow you to use a single image file that groups multiple graphics.

That can save a lot of memory and increase performance when using a large number of graphics.

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Got it.

There is not much difference. I was curious that it may affect performance or not…

Thank you very much @Leonidas
Your answer is always helps to sort out things…
Thanks :smiley:

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