Where to get/create new font atlas with JSON?

Hi, I have dabbled on what the font_renderer script can do, but it only accepts JSON files, and every bitmap atlas exporter I know only exports to FNT, XML or plain TXT.

Does anyone know where to find fonts with JSON files, or a specific app to make them?


Have a look at the instructions here https://github.com/playcanvas/fonts. You basically need to convert a text .fnt file to json using our python script on that repo.

Thanks for the quick response! I will check that out.

Where can I download a bitmap font and its json file so I can do some tests on my project?

Hey @JJunior
Github readme lists all information of how to author bitmap fonts and generate suitable json file: https://github.com/playcanvas/fonts#creating-bitmap-fonts

Thanks for your replay, I was just wondering if someone that has already generated the files needed to import in playcanvas can put somewhere to download… I saw the https://playcanvas.com/project/362703/overview/sample-game-keepy-up project but I cant download the jersey json and texture…

Sure you can:

ty man, just started playing with playcanvas today, thank you!

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Sorry about my quick response, but I can’t download these files, the is no download button for me as you show in your gif…

I am using HTML for the UI right now, but I would like to test this sprite fonts :frowning:

Ah, yes, it’s probably just team member who can access the download buttons. Instead, I recommend you fork the project by hitting the FORK button on the project dashboard. Then you’ll have your own copy of the project and you can access the download buttons.

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Thank you man! Just did a wonderful test xD

Any one can fork any public projects?

PS: is there any simpler way to generate the bitmap fonts?

That’s correct - anyone can fork a public project. If you want to prevent this, upgrade and make your projects private. :smile:

As for a simpler way to make bitmap fonts, no, not that I’m aware of. I just use BMFont and it works pretty well. Takes me about 10 minutes to download and install a TrueType font, create the bitmaps with BMFont, run the Python script on the .fnt file and upload the font atlas and JSON file to PlayCanvas. Yes, it’s a rather convoluted process, but you do get used to it.

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Thank for the info Will, you rock!

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