Where to find texture assets for the game?

I need help with getting textures for my game and one of them is a soccer field

I recommend reading this page on how to find assets:


For example:


try this

all i need is help with textures

what kind of help? tell more about this

its just adding textres to things and a little help with coding and this is for my playjam playhack tthing

Are you able to add textures to materials? Like in this tutorial, for example?

I just found very nice texture assets also here. https://mobilegamegraphics.com/ Which is i bought some of their very nice texture assets and they also have a free stuff as well.

It’s late reply, but I’m hoping it will help someone else reading this. There are many sites to find game assets, so we’re building dedicated game assets search engine to find those assets in one place. It’s called Skirmish Marketplace.

You can try test search for Soccer and see what you get. Be sure to play with the filters also as they can help fine tune your search.


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I would like to share my works .I created textures about almost anything. From Forests to deep Ocean surface. Mars and exoplanets and much more.

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