When will there be cool new features to the editor?

alright so heres some features I think should be in the editor
*ui maker easy to use without having to do too much coding
*an free animation recorder(records models movements) FOR FREE
*default text in text element
*easier way to make multiplayer games(better documentation)
Anyways I am not saying the editor is bad but can it atleast get some more features like those approve plz take the time to think about those features


I wish a better way to apply an entity to an attribute: When i click in the entity attribute I can only add an entity through the Hierarchy panel…but i would be so nice to select an asset clicking the object on the viewport panel

And another thing really useful is a default function inside all scripts called

"MyClass.prototype.onConstruction = function(){

that runs in the editor so we can setup a lot of things and see they changing values in editor world: For instance that would be perfect for the Scroll View entity to setup its size dynamically

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The problem I see with this would be that picking in the viewport only selects the entity that has the visual mesh and sometimes people want the parent.

Our picking in the viewport does need some attention so maybe when that is looked, this could be considered as well.

Currently, the two methods to select a referencing entity is to drag the item from the hierarchy panel to the script attribute or select the entity via the pen/pencil icon on the script attribute field

We have someone thinking about editor extensions at the moment and having them run in the editor and be a part of the project with some more ‘hooks’. No details on schedule at this time though.

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I don’t know if it is a good idea but it would be nice to have the two ways of selecting an entity in level…on the hierarchy panel and on viewport. Since you said maybe someone would like to get its parent that doesn’t have visual mesh we could try this: When you hover your mouse in viewport the element that gets a tooltip is the child that has collision…to get his parent or a children i could scroll up/down until i see the parent/child name on viewport to select it?

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as that as it’s not always a collision, there could be some arbitrary parent entity that wouldn’t be possible to work out.

There are a number of ways we could do this including the way you suggested but it’s not on our near term roadmap to look at.

However, the related issue is more likely to be looked at first: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/538

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