When i write html code in json it is getting output as text


When I’m using json and html in my project. When i write html code in json, it’s showing output as text not as a html attributes.

"index_1" : [
                    "1. The plane surface PQST and PSUR are called refracting faces.",
                    "2. The two refracting faced meet at the line <button>PS</button> and is called the refracting edge.",
                    "3. 'A’ is the angle of prism",
                    "4. Any plane such as ABC which is perpendicular to PS is called a principal plane.",
                    "5. The surface QRUT is the base of prism."

Thank you.

Where is the JSON data being used? The UI elements text or in a HTML DOM?

In this section im using JSON for HTML.

Sure, but how is the HTML generated? Can you post the code where you use the JSON data and create the HTML DOMs?