When i run this code it says Uncaught ReferenceError: Jump is not defined?

var onGround=false
var jumpForce = 4;

Jump.prototype.initialize = function() {
    // Define Events
    this.app.keyboard.on(pc.EVENT_KEYDOWN, this.onKeyDown, this);
    this.app.keyboard.on(pc.EVENT_KEYUP, this.onKeyUp, this);
    this.entity.collision.on('collisionstart', this.onCollisionStart, this);

Jump.prototype.update = function(dt) {
    // Jump
    if (this.app.keyboard.wasPressed(pc.KEY_SPACE) && onGround === true) {
        this.entity.rigidbody.applyImpulse(0, jumpForce, 0); // Apply Impulse
        onGround = false; // Set onGround variable to false

Jump.prototype.onCollisionStart = function(result) {
    // Ground Check
    if (result.other.tags.has('ground')) {
        onGround = true;

Hi @MATURE! The first line of the script is missing. Please compare the first line of your script with the first line of another script.

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It looks like the object “Jump” is not defined in the code, or it can’t be found.

To define it, add this line at the start of your code.
var Jump = pc.createScript('jump');