When I build, the pc.app.stats values don't appear

Hello, I’m Hizard.

I’m displaying some profiler information on the screen.

However, the issue is that in debug mode, the ‘triangles’ item is visible, but after building, it disappears.
Is this an internally private item? Is there a way to retrieve the ‘triangles’ information separately?

I used this code

    FPS: ${pc.app.stats.frame.fps}
    Triangles: ${pc.app.stats.frame.triangles.toLocaleString('ko-KR')}
    DrawCalls: ${pc.app.stats.drawCalls.total.toLocaleString('ko-KR')}

Many of the stats are only updated in the debug mode of the engine, so this is expected with no way around other than making a change to the engine.

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Got it. Guess there’s nothing I can do about it. :cry: