Wheel spinning physics

Looking for a simple way to make a wheel spin around a point using physics. The game is based off a prize wheel, where you spin the wheel and might win a prize.
Project is here.
And in addition to this, does the angular/linear damping only take a value between 0 and 1?

I wouldn’t use physics in this and instead, rotate the entity at a set speed and apply damping/deceleration.

If you do want to use physics, then you can apply torque and remove gravity from the scene.


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Alright, I’ll give the physics a quick try first, and if that doesn’t work I’ll try your other suggestion. Thanks!

I must be missing something that I feel should be painfully obvious. I have tried rotating it using torque, and local rotation when I click a button, and the script executes perfectly fine, but nothing moves.

After getting this working with physics, I ran into a few odd problems that I should be avoidable by removing physics. Thing is, I have no idea how to make this work without them.