What's the maximum number of players PlayCanvas can handle?

I am looking to build a 3D concert venue in PlayCanvas but can’t find any information about how many players it can support at one time.

Interactions would be simple where players would all have Ready Player Me avatars and can run round and engage with the stage

Hi @Ajth and welcome,

If you are talking about networking performance that purely depends on your multiplayer implementation. Since this isn’t related to the PlayCanvas engine API.

If instead you are asking about performance then you will need to check a number of factors: draw calls, polycount, CPU usage when animating multiple characters.

Check the following manual section on optimization tips and how to monitor your game’s performance:

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Thanks! I a new to the platform and still researching the best way to implement multiplayer.

If we were to create the most optimised platform possible, is there a way to estimate how many players could be in the space at one time? or do you know of a game that is handling high numbers at the moment that we could use for research?

I worked on a metaverse project, no public build though, that we networked on the same PlayCanvas scene 200 players. Networking wasn’t the main issue (we did compress and optimize network traffic) but rendering performance.

We had to use level of details to reduce the polycount/drawcalls, frustum and occlusion culling and most importantly find a way to reduce CPU usage to reduce the animation playback overhead. Check here for our solution on this last bit:

So what PlayCanvas is capable of isn’t really the question here, but it comes down to your project specific architecture and optimization strategies.

Hope that helps!

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