Whats the best way to lern to code in gamedev

I wanna learn to code better I already use websites like freecodecamp and codeacedemy so whats the best way to learn should I just code and learn as I go

It’s a huge subject so it’s best to learn in small stages. When I started, I was making ‘guess the number’, ‘hangman’ etc type games as text only games. Then I moved onto using graphics and real time input making games like snake, space invaders.

I usually recommend certain age groups to try programs like Scratch or sites like https://codecombat.com which are more engaging sooner.

Or use more graphical orientated programming game development tools such as Construct or GameMaker. The mental process of programming in these apps is more or less the same as writing code but you don’t have the problem of also trying to get syntax correct.

um im 15 btw so i guess ill e good with scartch