What sites do you guys use to animate your 3d models?

i need something that is free, and not to harsh on my computer

Hi @Thebosser.24!

I think the topic below can be very helpful.

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For basic 3D animation I would use Mixamo for animating huminoids

I am looking for something to animate a fps gun reload

@Thebosser.24 I would suggest you have a look at the animations available on Mixamo. There are reload animations. If they do not fit your needs you can also use blender to create the animation you would like to apply to your model. There are some Udemy classes that have been recently released to YouTube that are the full classes for doing this type of animation. These are free and have good stopping points within to guide you along the way.

I will look into the Mixamo animations… but I have tried blender… and it crashes on start… it sucks I can’t use Clara.io