What profiles/skills are required to create with PlayCanvas

I’m a lead at a design company and we are interesting working with Playcanvas but it seems like there aren’t many people out there who know the software. What are the skills and profiles the would best be able to transfer to PlayCanvas? Oh and ideally for web-based 3D experiences.

This may seem like a stupid question so sorry in advance!

The one with the game design background will be good to move on playcanvas. Learning Playcanvas is not difficult if one is already attached to game dev in any other engine. For the 3d Experiences, one must know the basics of material settings, optimization techniques etc. Knowledge of 3d modeling software is a plus.

I personally came from a game development background rather than web dev, so I was used to using various game engine and tools that have similar architecture to PlayCanvas.

Some of the gotchas for me was with JS, functions as first class objects, variable hoisting, dynamic typing etc.

I would say that a game developer who is willing to learn some of the web side of development can work. I can also imagine that any other developer that has used other WebGL frameworks would be fine too.

This was my first game with PlayCanvas and JS https://www.miniclip.com/games/virtual-voodoo/en/

We also have a list of freelancers that I can email you with if that would help?


We also have a list of freelancers that I can email you with if that would help?

Do you mind emailing me this please, vanced.acc.hk@gmail.com

@vacc Can you send me a private message about your project, rates and timelines please and I can hopefully suggest a suitable freelancer?

Also, we have a Jobs section on the forums that can help too