What is this error also why did it also take so long to load

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine here is link to editor please someone help me with this

it also wont load past the final part off loading

At a guess without seeing the project, you have a very highly detailed model and using it for collision?

If so, you need to either use a much lower poly model for the collision or use primitives (box, sphere) either on their own or use a compound rigidbody made up of primitives.

In fact, it looks like you are using several high poly models as collision.

You will need to use much lower poly models for collision as that’s far too high.

It’s also taking a long time to load as it’s trying to generate the meshes needed for the collision and the project has over 100MB of assets to download.

can you help with fixing that i am new to making models with full colision i dont know how to make a compound

Here’s an example project of using compound physics: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/compound-physics-shapes/

With the models, you would need to create new models for the collision in a modelling package and use a maximum of 65,535 vertices.

that is a lot can you help with that

I’m afraid I don’t have to time to help out with other projects. If you need more people to help, try making a post in the Collaboration section: https://forum.playcanvas.com/c/collaboration/6

Make sure to read the guidelines: [Collaboration] Guidelines - Please read first! :slight_smile: