What is the recommended team workflow?

Me and my team are really interested in using PlayCanvas but we are not grasping exactly what the ideal team workflow is.
We are used to the pull request based workflow where we can review all changes but we are willing to change that.

What is the recommended team workflow? How does the team size scale with that? Does PlayCanvas work well with a team of 10?

The thing that is bothering us at the moment is not being able to see who makes a change and when.

Team workflow is like working in a real-time collaboration environment.
here is pictures on how to add certain people to your project.

so you click Edit button

then you can type in there email or playcanvas name in to invite them. Once you did that, you would need to give them permissions.

the link is right here

So when you got your team in the project you can chat in the editor like in google drive or some online multiplayer game

now with the things, you said about Version Control

Playcanvas doesn’t really have Version control which might be interesting to add someday, you can send an issue ore PR on here if you need to

Although you would see the Fork feature, the fork allows you to make a copy of the users project but not really able to make a pull request out of it.

if you publish the game, it will allow you to post what changes you made, that might help you guys in the long run.

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Things get tricky with a team beyond a handful of people especially around code as the idea was to like Google Docs in terms of real time editing. For scenes editing, that works quite well but for code, it gets a little tricky and requires developers to choose when to save very carefully.

Typically, when I work with other developers, we would treat the project as ‘main/trunk’, fork the project, work on the fork and manually import scripts across to ‘main/trunk’.

I also have scripts that export the project using the API so I can commit snapshots to source control.

@whydoidoit Has created an unofficial way of managing code here to allow for multiple developers and version control: TEMPLATE: ES6 | Version Control | NPM | PlayCanvas

I haven’t tried it myself though.

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