What is the proper way to have the playcanvas use ammo from a different url


Im trying to get playcanvas to load the ammo physics engine from a different location than the build location when hosting on my own servers. Looking at the code a bit I see tat it uses a relative link in the script loader and eventually makes its way to _loadLibraries.

My initial patch to customize the engine and just have it check if the library was ammo and if so use alternate url worked for a previous build I had but a current build had errors. When I checked the code, I can see that the _loadLibraries code where I had applied my patch is not the same in this version of the engine and does not seem to have as convenient a place to short circuit the URI.

The error I get is “Uncaught TypeError: this.entity._dirtify is not a function”

My technique/approach is ‘wrong’. I should use whatever the appropriate architectural solution you designed for extending to adjust the location of the physics engine. Since this is included as part of the build when I choose to use physics in the settings, how can I make it load from a different URL without first beginning the scene’s script order? I assume that if I try to use the asset or script registry classes, the URL wouldnt be applied until after initial load.

Thanks for any guidance!