What is the minimum size of VRAM usage in the empty project?

I’m trying to expand my knowledge on optimizing things like asset usage, scene loading, and the app in general. I unloaded almost everything (assets) from the project, but the profiler shows that something still takes up 3+ MB of VRAM in the texture assets field.


As I understand it is the minimum threshold and these are some engine files, or have I misconfigured something somewhere?

You can enable additional logging, so you can study exactly what textures are created:

pc.Tracing.set(pc.TRACEID_TEXTURE_ALLOC, true);

There are other useful trace logs available for debugging. You can find them at API site by searching “traceid”:

Hint: when at website, press “/” to quickly enter search mode.


By the way, I will inform just in case that thanks to the trace of the texture logs, I discovered that it was a font asset, since I use it in the main scene to display the interscene loading screen, I did not add it to the logic of unloading and loading assets, which is correct).

By the way, are there any options to reduce this size? For example controlling the resolution? The font asset file is up to 20 KB (that’s why I didn’t think that it takes up so much VRAM), but in textures when placed in VRAM, it’s all 3 MB. I’ve seen that this is achieved with real-time scripts, but I’d like it natively, so that it can be seen/changed in the editor, etc.

You could try astc basis compression (some devices don’t support it, then it will use space as usual). Otherwise, there isn’t much you could do with font textures. It is hard to compress them without introducing artifacts.