What is the mening of % in Activity in the project overview?

I wonder what exactly % in Activity in the project overview mean. I think it’s about the time I spend in the project but I don’t understand the unit “%”. Would there be some info in manual?

It’s the ratio of (hours worked that day) / (24 hours). I challenge you to get it to 100% :smiley:

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I would suggest just display hh:mm since it’s straightforward. But now I understand the meaning. Thanks!

Well, would you explain how do you count the time? Maybe while the Editor is opened by the account?

We have internal metrics while a user is using our site yes.

So every time there is any edit on project, its scene, assets or code it will log an activity point.
You cannot have more than one activity point per project within 5 minutes.
This gives just a rough idea of how long you could have spent within editor. We could detect any ranges of activity with limited gaps, so that to get better idea of from when till when user been active, but that was not necessary.

This is purely abstract measure, and does not represents quality of activity. Someone could move a box around for hours and get good activity levels :slight_smile:
We might in the future decrease 5 mins limit, so to have a big more activity density represented.

100% practically is impossible.
It is impressive to see you been working on your project for whole month, every single day. It is by far most active project I’ve seen so far!