What is the Current Workflow for using PlayCanvas with Github?

What is the current workflow for using PlayCanvas with Github? All my Google searches lead me to the Code tab on the Dashboard which doesn’t exist for me.


(Also, why does the forum require a 10 character password? I literally have never come across this before…).

Hi @spinalwiz. There used to be GitHub read-only repo support, but it would require to write code locally and would eliminate real-time collaborative as well as always in-sync features.
We’ve implemented new script system that runs on top of assets, fixing many code-related issues and improving workflow, as part of it we’ve removed local workflow all together, as it was previously “hacky” in terms of implementation as well as in terms of workflow for users. It was used by very small minority and there should be a better implementation of something like so in place in the future. Right now there are no plans to make github integration.


Thanks for the reply. So if you want to use a code repository you basically have to download the code and lose synchronization with the editor.

I was planning on using PlayCanvas with Meteor.js (because it sounds awesome) but sounds like I may need to rethink.

Cool thing that we already have in place everything you need to update your client without a need to reload it.
For example when you upload asset it changes file, so each asset will fire load event when resource changes. Most of it is handled automatically, and your launched app from editor will get updates straight away, if you need to do something custom, like templating or css, then you can re-template on load of asset event, like in this example project: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/380209

If you edit code, then there is a swap method. If it is defined, your code will hot-swap in launcher. Make sure you inherit the state properly so to avoid breaking app state.

And the coolest thing of all, this is all real-time multiplayer, so multiple people working in scene will have real-time updates, not just you in isolation.

So pretty much it is already rapid-development, no need in Meteor :wink:

Interesting - will take a look!