What is causing this dark outline when i'm far away from an object?

Hey everyone, can someone help?

When i’m a few metres away from an object there is a black outline which kind of makes it look a bit dirty

When i’m close to the object it looks much nicer without the outlines

On mobile it is a lot worse. Is there a setting to change this?

Many thanks in advance

Could be mipmaps related (AO)? Or shadows? Not sure how that object/materials is rendered?

Can you reproduce in a public project?


I’m not sure, as each object mostly has just emission as the output? but sure here is the link! xxx:)

I just updated it to the latest version I think that should work now

Or maybe not, I cant figure out how to make it public… i’ll keep trying

I think it’s due to ‘texture bleeding’

When the camera is further away, there’s less pixels on the screen to render to and the black areas in the texture is being ‘averaged’ out on the edges

I would look at removing the hard outline and have the colour areas bleed out so that there isn’t a hard edge from the colour to black

Ah I see! Thank you! That seemed to fix the problem!

Second question, as i’ve posted the public link here. Can other people edit what I’m doing?

They can see it, copy it, fork it but they can’t edit your existing project

I would move it to private if you can

OKay fantastic. Well, thank you veyr much for the lightspeed response! Super helpful
Amazing platform